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New Business Opportunity

If you have reviewed the multiple products listed within our website, you will be able to see just how broad window film, vinyl and printable wallpaper have become since these concepts were patented over four decades ago. The concerns that motivate consumers interests and the demand for our products i.e. comfort, safety and security, aesthetics, protection of private property, protection of personal assets, exclusivity and peace of mind are all part of human condition and are not likely to change in the foreseeable future.

We have put the following in place to assist you in making a smooth transition into our industry.

  1. SFF Training Centre: Here you learn the ins and outs of tinting. Once our week long training is complete, you will have the tools necessary to fit any vehicle with our films.
  2. Dealer Network: Becoming a part of our dealer network allows you the opportunity to offer a nationwide guarantee to all your potential clients.
  3. Custom Cuts Services: Prevent shrinkage, save time and only pay for what you use, that is just some of the benefits of using our custom cut service. We offer delivery to any part of South Africa
  4. SFF Design Studio: Here we give you access to your own personal graphics team and large format printing facilities to help you recreate your customs needs

Our products are diversified enough to cater for the following industries; Glass and Aluminum Companies, Interior Decorators, Blinds and Curtaining Companies, Sign writers and Sign Writing Companies, Shop-fitters, Car Sound and Alarm Fitment Centres, Panel Beaters, Car Washes, Auto Valet, DIY and Handyman Contractors, Car Dealerships, Air conditioning – installers, and anyone else who wishes to complement their business.

Examples of how our products will increase your revenue stream

  • As a Glass and Aluminum company the introduction of products will be a cost effective way to offer move value to your clients. Our window films act as a perfect substitute to the expensive ST Glass.
  • As a Blinds and Curtaining Company, the application of our window film products will increase the lifespan of your products. It helps reduce the fading of blinds and curtaining products. Also the application of our wallpapers would further enhance the aesthetics of your blinds in the room.
  • Sign Writers and Sign Writing Companies, the use of our products will add a new dimension to your business by offering personalized textured finishes for your customer. No longer do you have to offer your clients the same boring finishes.
  • As an Interior Decorator, style is everything, our window films and wallpapers allows you to perfectly lift the aesthetics of any room

Need more Information on how our products can supplement your business and income?

Get in touch with us by visiting our contact  page or calling us on 0861 001 084. We will be happy to discuss your requirement and suggest the simplest integration process.